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Thanks for attending the UnPlug Parents & Teachers talk Sponsored by Members First Credit Union 

The following is a list of some of the products / services referenced in the talk;

  • Common Sense Media – Resource for families to navigate technology safely includes reviews of apps / websites –
  • Webwise – Irish resource to help families with internet safety –
  • Distraction Free YouTube Chrome Add-in – Free chrome add-in to prevent suggested videos and autoplay –
  • Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator Chrome Add-in – Free chrome add-in which replaces the Facebook newsfeed with a motivational quote –
  • Habitlab – Hiding feeds, removing clickbait, blocking videos of your most distraction websites –
  • Ourpact – iOS / Android device management app for families –
  • iKydz – Hardware (across all devices) product for device management for families –
  • Moment – iOS app to track your device usage –
  • Rescuetime – Android / Desktop app to track your device usage –
  • Flux – Free chrome add-in to reduce blue light emitted from screen –
  • Freedom – iOS app to create virtual boundaries for apps / websites –
  • Flipd – iOS / Android app to manage distractions –
  • “iPhone effect” study – Study related to impact on our focus and empathy when a smart device is within line of sight –

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