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Who We Are & What We Do

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UnPlug is a behaviour change consultancy committed to supporting individuals and organisations work smarter in an always-on world.  We empower people to develop positive tech habits, sustained focus, enhanced communication and higher quality downtime.

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The Business Case

Information overload

In 2020-2022 voice and video call times increased x 2 and IM traffic increased by 65% (Microsoft Work Index 2022).

Digital Culture

"Installing a one-size-fits-all approach through a restrictive policy can end up being counterproductive."
(The Economist Intelligence Unit)

Fragmented Attention

In an average week, 42% of participants multitask during meetings (Microsoft WTI Pulse report 2022)

Switching off

The average knowledge worker now receives notifications from six applications, and 73% of workers reply to these notifications outside of their working hours (Killing Time 
 at Work '22)

Our Solutions


To raise awareness and inspire people to take action

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Solution focused interactive sessions for small groups

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Delivering expertise on Digital Culture

Empowering the World’s Most Forward-Thinking Companies

UnPlug works to empower staff, energize leaders and encourage a culture of focus

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