The UnPlug Humans


Chris Flack

Chris is the Founder & CEO of UnPlug. He spent the first fifteen years of his career in senior consulting and sales roles for large tech companies such as CapGemini and Avnet. Chris also brings a wealth of international experience to UnPlug, as a number of career breaks in his corporate life allowed him to spend four years travelling and working in international aid  organisations across four continents. As a former tech worker, he has experienced first-hand many of the negative impacts of information overload, and witnessed how distraction and an ‘always on’ culture has changed the lives of many people.

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Aidan Healy

Aidan is the Head of Learning and Development at UnPlug, where he oversees the design and delivery of all of our evidence-based programmes. 
Aidan comes from a background in psychology, coaching and leadership development. Over the last ten years, he has worked in organisations across the public, private and non-for-profit sectors, mostly recently at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Aidan brings a depth of international experience and intercultural competence to the UnPlug team, having previously delivered training and coaching programmes across six continents.


emer duffy

Emer is a Specialist Occupational Therapist with a Masters in Cognitive Rehabilitation. Her passion is how behaviour change (specifically mindful practices) can affect the brain.  Emer recognizes that digital distractions are a significant challenge in today’s world and has been working with the UnPlug team since mid-2015 in leading workshops to help people improve focus and reduce distraction.