The UnPlug Humans


Chris Flack

Co-Founder Chris Flack has over fifteen years in tech consulting. He has experienced first-hand many of the negative impacts of information overload and witnessed how distraction and an ‘always on’ culture has changed the lives of many people.

Chris also brings a wealth of international experience to UnPlug, as a number of career breaks in his corporate life allowed him to spend four years travelling and working in senior strategy roles for international aid organisations across four continents. 

In 2018 Chris was accredited as an All Stars Thought Leader and speaks regularly throughout Europe.

Prof Monideepa Tarafdar.jpg

Professor Monideepa Tarafdar

Scientific advisor working with UnPlug to ensure that our solutions are evidence-based and in line with current academic research.  Professor Tarafdar is recognised as a global expert in how information technologies (IT) and systems impact individuals and collectives.  

Professor Tarafdar lectures at Lancaster University and has had a number of fellowships including MIT Sloan CISR.

She is collaborating with UnPlug on the publication of materials and development of toolkits that  promote engagement and understanding of the maladaptive uses of IT.  This includes developing new ways of identifying, measuring and understanding the challenges of the  maladaptive uses of IT.

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Aidan Healy

Co-Founder Aidan Healy comes from a background of ten years in psychology and leadership development.  Aidan oversees the design and delivery of UnPlug’s evidence-based programmes.

Aidan brings a depth of international experience and intercultural competence to the UnPlug team, having previously delivered training and coaching programmes across six continents.


emer duffy

Emer is a Specialist Occupational Therapist with a Masters in Cognitive Rehabilitation. Her passion is how behaviour change (specifically mindful practices) can affect the brain.  Emer recognizes that digital distractions are a significant challenge in today’s world and has been working with the UnPlug team since mid-2015 in leading workshops to help people improve focus and reduce distraction.