We work with a wide range of organisations to maximise employee productivity and reduce tech stress. Our goal is for participants to get the positive benefits that technology provides while minimising the negatives of tech overload. 

Our solutions can be tailored to each organisations needs. We deliver keynotes, workshops, individual coaching, retreats, or we can integrate our material into existing training programmes. All our solutions are designed to be engaging, solution-focused and evidence-based. 

We also support organisations with pre-training needs analysis, programme design, post-training evaluation and strategy development regarding tech usage in the workplace.

Our clients inc.:

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Some of our themes include;

1. Tech / Life Balance
Understanding the challenges and being more conscious of unhealthy tech usage.

2. Developing Positive Digital Habits
Engaging smarter with tech on a day to day basis.

3. Maximising Performance in a Distracted World
Enhancing our focus and managing distractions.

4. Switching Off in an Always On Culture
Taking effective breaks both inside and outside the office.

5. Tech / Life Balance for Parents
How parents and families can create healthy digital lifestyles

6. Emotional Intelligence and Tech
Managing communication and creating a positive tech culture in the workplace.

All of our programmes focus on habit formation and long term behaviour change.

“UnPlug’s programmes are something all organisations should consider to maintain a high performance culture and healthy staff. Excellent delivery, highly recommended.”

Grainne Quinn - EVP & Chief Medical Officer, Perrigo
“Simple, illuminating, and above all practical advice.”

Ronan McGoldrick, Partner at Leman Solicitors