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UnPlug is a behaviour change consultancy committed to helping individuals and organisations to work smarter in the always connected world. We help people develop positive tech habits, sustained focus, enhanced communication and higher quality downtime.


The Business Case

Always On

According to the 2016 Deloitte Mobile Survey 48% of respondents check their phone in the middle of the night

Digital Culture

In 2018 Microsoft identified that companies with a stronger digital culture had x3 more employees who feel productive and x4 more employees who feel innovative.

Information Overload

“In the digital era, we take in five times more information than before digital. It results in a digital stress affecting our cognitive abilities - resulting in low quality analysis and decisions."

Nicholas Carr - Former Editor HBR


According to CareerBuilder 3 of the top 4 distractions in the office are technology based

CareerBuilder National Trends Survey 2016


Our Solutions


To raise awareness and inspire people to take action


Solution focused interactive sessions for small groups


High impact bespoke sessions and interventions


Delivering expertise on Digital Culture


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